Vitae Domina

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Original - Oil on Canvas 30"x40" (76.2cm x 101.6cm)

Limited Edition Prints Available (100 copies only)

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Vitae Domina, Lady Life, conceived during COVID, this piece depicts the female protagonist accompanied by her family of wolves as the savior of humanity against the forces of tyranny. 

Vitae Domina juxtaposes life against the backdrop of death which is following her. The skulls show the strength in her femininity as she crushes the despotic remnants under her surprisingly gentle feet. The image illustrates that real power is not in physical strength but in the resolute focus and conviction of our heroin.

The historical references of this painting are recent, but I have drawn on the memories of my time in the USSR.  The last time I was in quarantine was 1986 when I gave birth to my son on the day Chernobyl exploded. It was then that I became determined to escape life under communism and did so with a focus and conviction not unlike that of our protagonist