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Original - Oil on Canvas with Guilded 24k Gold Leaf  24" x 18" (61.0cm x 45.7cm)

Limited Edition Prints Available (100 copies only)

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Transcendence is an allegorical portrait completed in Renaissance Venetian style using special mediums and stages of painting based on the style of old masters

The theme was developed based on the mythology of Circe a powerful sorceress who had the ability to transform people with the use of potions into wolves, lions and swine. Here Circe holds a potion in a glass cage. The potion has the power for good or for evil.

Through Circe’s knowledge of charts and codes as depicted on the walls behind her she understands the power of her potion. Every detail of her clothing and attributes have a purpose and meaning, for example the arrow on her hand shows that her direction is intentional, and she will do what she intends, weather for good or for bad is up to the viewer to decide.