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Limited Edition Prints Available (100 copies only)

Original - Oil on Copper 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm)

Limited Edition Prints Available (100 copies only)

Custom Sizes also available - email


This Portrait on copper of a young lady who was sitting in the Cafe Milan immersed into reading a book with a large dog at her feet guarding her space. I like big dogs and asked for a photo and they both posed. The young ladies face was peaceful and enlightened, maybe by the subject of her reading. Her expression and the fact that she was reading a book (not starring at her phone) along with her beautiful dog made my decision to paint this wonderful narrative. In this portrait I tried to recreate a moment of peace and enlightenment that I experienced while viewing the scene in Cafe Milan. The peaceful nature of this young lady's pose was a short moment that gave life to a narrative.