Flower Pot

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Original - Oil on Panel  8"x6" (20cm x 15cm)

Limited Edition Prints Available (100 copies only)

Small - 8"x6" (20cm x 15cm) - $100

Medium - 16"x12" (41cm x 51cm) - $150

Large - 32"x24" (81cm x 102cm) - $200

Custom Sizes also available - email info@liliyamugliaart.com


ITALIA SERIES – Calabria - Guardia Piedemont

GUARDIA is a series commemorating the massacre of 1561 and the survival of Italian families who rebuilt the town and whose decedents still reside there.

Fact: You never know where you will find the inspiration for a still life.

Art Deco, Home Decor, Oil Painting, Interior Design, Classical Art


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