Final Destination

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Original - oil on canvas 40 x 30" (101.6cm x 76.2cm)

This piece illustrates the trivial pursuits we often endeavor to achieve in life and yet we are not able to take these items with us. The table of abundance which the skeleton engulfs with his hands in an almost absurd like posture as if he could actually enjoy the feast before him is juxtaposed with the ghosts that stand behind him representing from left to right a life of pursuit, hope and belief. These ghosts are always with us though we may never see them, and they often play whimsical games with us, he loves me he loves me not, Fortuna and games of chance. Their beauty in this way is deceptive and in the end, we are left to wonder what it was all for, our destinations are all the same. Material things will always perish but Legacy lives on.